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MBSI | Birth Center & Midwifery Billing

Welcome to Midwife's Billing Service, Inc.

Our website is currently under construction—look for a revamped midiwfesbillingservice.com in fall 2016!

What does a billing service do? What services do you offer? Who do you work for? When looking into a new billing service, you want to know the answer to these questions and many more. We hope that by clicking here, you can learn more about MBSI and how we can benefit your practice.

Our success is measured by the amount of providers and patients made happy by our services. Our provider’s success is measured by how well we work for them. Here you will see what our providers have to say about MBSI’s services, patient and provider care and experience.

Coding claims and keeping up with changes can be a hassle. Here we offer the newest coding updates and tips to help this process go smoother for you. As well as coding, our Coding Corner offers MBSI updates, newsletters, news links, articles, upcoming events & much more.